“The student - is not a vessel to be filled,

but a torch that should be lighten."

K. Ushinsky

"Ridna Shkola" in Buffalo, NY - A Ukrainian Saturday School for children of school age. It was created over 60 years ago on a mission to teach and educate the younger generation of Ukrainians about Ukrainian traditions and Ukrainian language, literature, culture, music, geography, history and dance. The mission of our school is to link generations and pass on spiritual, cultural and intellectual heritage of Ukrainian people. Our students participate in many cultural events in the Ukrainian community in Buffalo, including an annual Ukrainian Language Day in November, Christmas concert in December, Shevchenko concert in March and graduation ceremony in June.
School hours: 9:00 - 13:00


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Teachers of "Ridna Shkola"

School Principal

Natalia Savka

Ukrainian Language Teacher

Olga Shutka

Literature & Culture teacher

Andriana Yemchuk

History and Geography Teacher

Irena Waschak

First Grade Teacher

Lida Kiyashchuk

Second Grade Teacher

Valentyna Hnat

Treasurer of "Ridna Shkola" 

Halia Nazarevych

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